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House of Faith Ministries; through the direction of the Holy Spirit, is provided spiritual coverage through Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church in Pensacola Florida. Within this head church, there have always been supernatural visitations, miracle encounters and teachings of the unadulterated Word of God that have served to edify the body of Christ as a whole. MFC has provided programs suited to teach the Body of Christ all over the world about their identity and power given when Jesus died on the cross.

It is reported that on August 21st 2008, Jesus walked upon the platform...

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Another perspective

Four and a half years after HOF opened its doors for Sunday service, and exactly three years after God spoke a prophetic word to Pastors Drs. Noel and Annette Jordan, that word was manifested.

On Sunday 21st August, 2016, another milestone was reached in HOF. God’s plan for HOF to relocate the Sunday gatherings was realized. The journey to this day did not go unchallenged, but when God speaks and we believe, His words will not return void; it will accomplish what it is intended to. This journey in itself is a testimony of how God moves...

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Previous News

Purple team Wins
Sports day was the feature event of the annual HOF Summer Youth Camp, and what a day it was. The theme of the camp was “Living to finish the race…!” based on the scriptures Hebrews 12: 1 – 2 (NKJV) and 2 Timothy 4: 7 – 8 (God’s Word translation). Three teams (red, blue and purple) put their all into making this day one that forever will be remembered in their hearts. With a spirited commentator on the mic, every event, and gap in between, was a thrilling platform to preach Christ to young and old alike. With events like the obstacle race, sack race, lime and spoon, relays and much more, every race was outfitted to demonstrate the teachings on finishing the race that is set before us as Christians – that is the good fight of faith. ‘Crowns of righteousness’ were given to all the children, a depiction of their heavenly reward, for completing the race. Everyone was well fed spiritually and physically. There was wonderful bounty of delicious Macaroni Pie, Baked chicken, Pizza and more. I personally can’t wait for the next event.

Corporate Prayer
Sundays at 6 pm. We get together in Christ and lift up those in need of prayer. If you are desirous of getting your Holy Language come, and be Baptised in the Spirit.