What is Salvation

In order to answer this question, the first thing we must recognize is that every human being is made up of three parts - spirit, soul and body. The spirit part of you is the real you. It is eternal - this means that when your physical body dies, the spirit together with the soul lives on into eternity. This unseen part of you is the real you. You will go to one of two places -heaven or hell.

Some people do not believe in hell, but that does not mean it does not exist. Some do not believe in God but that does not mean He does not exist. This is because God, heaven and hell are unseen. We cannot see electricity, but we know it exists. We cannot see the wind, but we see and feel its effects.

Would you rather reject God and find out too late that hell is a reality?

Why Do we Need Salvation?

Every individual born on the face of the planet is born in a sinful state. 

The Bible explains that when God created the first man and woman - 
Adam and Eve - they had a relationship with God. They had a covenant relationship with their Creator. When they disobeyed God and broke that covenant, they automatically formed an unholy alliance with God’s enemy, the devil. They became like him in nature. Their spirits that were once alive disconnected from God, the Life-giver. They instantly died spiritually, because they were spirit beings encased in a physical body.

God could have destroyed everything and started over because He is God, but since He is such a pure God, a God of Love, as well as a God of justice and integrity, He had to do the right thing in the interest of Himself, mankind and at the same time be fair to satan. He therefore had to find a way to redeem man. He had to find a price that could be paid on man’s behalf to reinstate him to the level he was created to maintain.

At first, He instituted a system of blood sacrifices that would cover man’s sins for a period of time, but God knew a method of dealing with the issue permanently had to be employed. Only the life of a pure, sinless man could redeem mankind. This is why His Son Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. We celebrate His birth at Christmas.

He was the Saviour of the world who had to live a sinless life then shed His blood on the cross. When His body died on the cross, He went down to hell, defeated mankind’s enemy, the devil and rose again on the third day victorious! He is alive today! We commemorate this at Good Friday and Resurrection Day (Easter).

In order for us to obtain eternal life with God, we must accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, and believe that He died for our sins and rose again from the dead.