This page contains links to sites that give a Judeo/Christian perspective

Please note that none of the articles or content of the links necessarily represent our personal views or the views of House of Faith as a ministry.
In all things please use the Word of God as the final evidence and measuring stick and the way to change is pray! pray! pray!

It is critical in these days that we are cognisant of what is happening in the world and to place them in God's perspective.

In Matthew 24, Luke 21, and in all the prophetic writings, God alerts the Church about these times in which we live. As a part of "watching" we include articles and links in this page which we pray you will not only find interesting, but through the information be inspired to intensify your prayer life as the end of history as we know it unfolds.

Jesus admonishes us to pray that we will have the full strength and ability to escape all these things. "Escape" here does not mean to run away from them, but we must be cognisant of them and remember that as children of God, we are in the world, but not of the world. Use prayer and the Word of God to remain spiritually focused and strong. Remember that Jesus has already given us the victory and we are not subject to circumstances, but circumstances are subject to the creative, situation-altering power of the word of God spoken in faith from our mouths!

We live above the economic, social, political and yes, even the geological circumstances of this age! We are sons and daughters of the Most High God and all things are subject to His Word.

In evertthing we must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, be obedient to God, and uncompromising to His Word.

The line had been drawn. We cannot walk the fence, or straddle the line. We are either for God or against Him.

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