Juliette Croney I have been to many churches in my lifetime. I've tried and tried to be a good Christian but I continued to fail. Then I was invited to House of Faith. I had to, by choice, toss everything I thought I knew about Christianity. Here, I knew I was being taught the Word. One might ask, How did you know? The freedom it brings. My pastors, in preaching Christ, the Word, taught me the responsibility of being a Christian. How to let go and let the Word work for me. Every day I rejoice in knowing that sickness, lack, stress, confusion have no place in my life. Pastors Drs. Noel and Annette Jordan taught me to look to them, look pass them to Christ.

Andrea Thomas I was invited to House of Faith by a very good friend of mine who wanted to see me grow in the kingdom of God. I attended House of faith and from that first time, I knew that God had so much in store for me. I have learnt over the past years how to give the word of God first place in my life, how to study His word, how to meditate on the word and how to pray in both the natural and in the spirit. By doing this, I saw my whole life transformed. This teaching was really proven when my mom passed away and I had missed three (3) weeks of classes, with the exception of the first sessions per class, but I never missed attending church. When I returned to classes, midterm exams were a week away. I had so much studying to do for these exams. I told God I can't do it in my strength; I have to do it in His strength. He gave me the remembrance for what I had studied and what I had missed for those three weeks and I passed both of my exams with 81% and 94%, respectively. God has blessed me with two Pastors that He has called to teach His word, straight from the throne room. Thank you so much Pastors Noel Jordan and Annette Jordan as you always give us the word of God and nothing else.

Sheryl Jolly HOF Pastors have made the once elusive and unfathomable word of God, REAL to my life. For most of my life I walked in little knowledge of the Word and no application or REALNESS of it. I did not understand faith and how faith worked; I did not understand the concept of speaking the word and seeing the Spirit of God move; I thought God was afar off in heaven and personal interaction did not quite mean personal. I had no idea how much more there was to living by and in the word, and that was primarily because I did not know my Righteousness in and through Christ as a born-again believer. The word remained incomprehensible and inoperative, until HOF. When a person is taken from a state of always believing the worst and receiving or expecting every sickness in and out of the medical books, to being able to speak the word to every situation that exists in her life and believing and expecting to see and seeing God’s best in all of these, not because she deserves it on her own, but because of what Jesus has made available to her through His death and resurrection, then you know that the Word of God has become REAL to her. That is my testimony!!!

Brian Perch A friend invited me to House of Faith when I was at a troubled time in my life, I knew something was missing but I couldn't tell what. After my first visit I felt like I was home, there is so much love, and a feeling of family here. I've since been baptised by water and by the Holy Spirit.

Shanika Calderon I was invited to House of Faith in the year 2014. I give all honor, and glory to Jesus who knows the end from the beginning. As an act of obedience I believed, received and acted on the Word of God which had at that time, and today continues to bless me supernaturally from the inside out and, by extension, others that I come into contact with.

At House of Faith I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in an unknown tongue. This was a desire of mine while attending a former ministry. By following the Holy Spirit's leading I not only receive the knowledge of the unedited Word from the throne room of God but also impartation as Drs. Pastors Noel & Annette Jordan lay hands on me. The Glory of God, through House of Faith has revolutionized my life for forever!

Alexa Perch For the past eight years I was allergic to cow’s milk, and any foods that people make with milk. Anytime I ate foods with milk or cheese I would get a rash and would have to scratch a lot. Now that I am eight I finally see that I need to use God’s word in situations like this. I prayed that I would not be allergic to milk. Since then I was able to try macaroni pie and a milkshake without scratching. This was because I believed that I wasn’t allergic.

Stacey Welch This morning, I dropped Gabriel off by his grandmother's house on my way to work. Whilst I was at work preparing lessons, I received a nudge to call Gabriel. Usually Gabriel and I do not call each other during working hours unless it is something very urgent, or if we need to inform each other about a matter or if he is on his lunch break and he wants to send me his love. However, I received the nudge to call. It was 9:47am, the rain was pouring so I figured maybe I need to call to make sure he is not getting wet as he was travelling by means of public transportation. So I called and a female answered. I was speechless. I said, "hello?" The person replied, "hi." I thought I had the wrong number so I said, "I am trying to reach Gabriel Welch." The person said, "oh, I found this phone this morning." I asked her where and when and told me that she found it on a bus in Station Hill. I then informed her that it is my husband's phone and immediately I went into details about how I can pick it up. She was at home at the time but I was unable to get to her at that time. We arranged to meet in the evening at 5pm at a location very close to my place of work. That was a miracle; Glory to God. I called and informed Gabriel of what had transpired as up to that point he had assumed his phone was by his grandmother's house. Gabriel and I had recently bought new phones and had not yet put phone lock nor a trace app on the phones.

When I went to collect the phone, the Holy Spirit showed me who the person was so finding her was not difficult. Another miracle! This is a testimony to the word, that Pastor Noel had ministered the previous night. Gabriel's phone could have gotten into the wrong hands and vanished forever, but because of obedience in tithing and giving, God protected his stuff because God cares for our stuff. Hallelujah!! God made sure that an honest person's eyes saw the device in the bus. God made sure that the finder's location was hassle free for collection of the phone. Thank God I called Gabriel when I did. Gabriel said when he realised his phone was not in his possession, he immediately decreed and declared that his phone is safe and would be returned to him." Glory to God